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For over thirty-five years Anchor Aquatics has served the Annapolis area with quality and dedicated service.

We specialize in pool reconstruction, often building a pool within a pool, as well as piping, skimmer replacement, tile and coping, resurfacing, lighting, heaters, pump and filter equipment.

Commercial Maintenance - We offer a very attractive maintenance plan for commercial pool owners that do not require management. This service provides opening and closing procedures, supplying all chemicals for complete water treatment, and weekly visits to monitor pool maintenance. More about our Community and Commercial Services

Residential - Anchor Aquatics extends the same quality service to individual pool owners as our commercial clients. We offer a number of different plans to homeowners. These range from Spring opening and Fall closing to weekly visits throughout the summer for complete pool care and chemical regulations.Our superb technicians are always available to correct or solve the customer's dilemma should repair or equipment replacement be necessary. More about our Residential Pool Services

For more information on our commercial or residential plans, call Anchor Aquatics at 410-956-0744.