Anchor manager and lifeguard onsite

"Our lifeguard was wonderful. I could always count on her to do a good job."

-Christine Engelhardt
Property Manager
Westwinds Apartments

"Kate was always helpful
and responsive."

Ray Edwards
The Tecumseh

Meet Anchor Aquatics

Anchor Aquatics is a family-owned pool business, which has carved out a niche in the market by being customer-oriented.

Capital newspaper Winner 2012 Reades Choice awardFor over 50 years, Anchor Aquatics has served the Annapolis area and surrounding counties. We pride ourselves on our staff and proclaim them to be the "best in the industry."

Being friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful instills an air of confidence in our clientele, which we care deeply about and work effortlessly to see that the goals they set are reached.

In a high turnover industry, Anchor Aquatics is able to maintain a consistent clientele base and a work force that returns year after year.

Find us on FacebookFor more information on our commercial or residential plans, call Anchor Aquatics at 410-956-0744.

Joe, Lee and the entire crew are always very responsive and helpful."

-Desiree Bell
General Manager
Mears Marina Swim & Tennis Club